Dr. Christine Sequenzia

United States

Dr. Christine M. Sequenzia is a trusted government relations leader who successfully transitioned her legislative experience working for the U.S. Congress into careers with several of the largest global humanitarian nonprofit organizations, including the International Justice Mission. She is a strategic advocate, impassioned speaker, and fervent friend of the exploited and marginalized.

Dr. Sequenzia’s experience has focused on combatting some of the most oppressive human rights violations through policy making and by engaging global governments, civil society, and corporations in the fight against human trafficking, poverty, and government corruption. As an advisor to organizations advocating for an end to modern-day slavery, autocratic regimes, food insecurity and blasphemy laws, she has traveled to over 17 countries and finds joy in building resilient communities where human dignity for all thrives. Dr. Sequenzia has served survivors of terrorism in the Middle East, directed projects in economically deprived regions of Southeast Asia, managed medical teams serving Central American women and girls caught in sexual exploitation, and successfully led multidisciplinary teams toward human rights policy wins at the recent United Nations General Assembly.

She has spent nearly two decades working and writing for members of the U.S. Congress, international non-profit organizations, and private publications. Dr. Sequenzia has been profiled in The Hill, CQ Today, CQ Weekly, Politico, and the InterPress Service UN Bureau, in addition to appearing as a human rights policy expert for global TV networks in the U.S. and internationally.

Dr. Sequenzia is a graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary, earning both a Doctorate of Ministry and a Master of Divinity in international development and political theology. She also received a Bachelor of Science from Texas A&M University and completed Cornell University’s High-Performance Leadership program.

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