The Interparliamentary Taskforce on Human Trafficking is a consortium of Members of Parliament and Congress, government leaders, and lived-experience experts who are committed to creating policy solutions and educating lawmakers to stop one of the greatest humanitarian crises in the world today, human trafficking.

Our Mission

The Interparliamentary Taskforce on Human Trafficking (ITHT) is the first platform of its kind to convene the primary anti-trafficking legislators, decision-makers and lived-experience experts from around the world with the single mission of stopping human trafficking through parliamentary education and strategic legislation and policies. We aim to institutionalize abolition and change the course of history at a time when interconnected global and local markets depend even more on the slave labor of children, men, and women.

Human trafficking generates more than $150 billion annually and is a significant source of funding for every nation and movement threatening the stability and security of our world today. It is unique among human rights abuses because regional escalation not only exploits and enslaves millions of people in sex trafficking, labor trafficking, organ harvesting, forced marriage and other forms of modern day slavery, but it also funds and exacerbates global violence, including terrorism, armed conflicts, gender apartheid, and environmental degradation.

Our goals are to:

  • INCREASE the number of legislative leaders globally who prioritize anti-trafficking legislation as a primary focus.
  • COLLABORATE effectively on new legislation and policies, and share effective anti-trafficking model tools from throughout the world.
  • RAISE AWARENESS about human trafficking globally.

How We Accomplish This

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Topical Working Groups

Campaigns & Advisement


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Rushan Abbas
Lived Experience Expert
Rushan Abbas
Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region

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Alika Kinan
President of the Alika Kinan Foundation
Alika Kinan
Melissa Yao
Executive Director of National Trafficking Sheltered Alliance
Melissa Yao

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