Why Policy?

Good laws save lives. Policy stops human trafficking and human rights violations at the root.

Despite efforts over the past several decades, human trafficking continues to increase. Policy fills a critical gap to empower law enforcement, prosecutors and survivors through partnership among lawmakers who provide the laws and resources frontline responders need to prevent, protect and prosecute. We empower frontline responders and support survivors through a multi-faceted approach that assists legislators in scoping legislative strategy, building parliamentary coalitions, crafting anti-trafficking legislation, creating public awareness and education programs, and advocating nationally and internationally to strengthen anti-trafficking laws.


We educate lawmakers in order to increase the number of legislative champions, and we help lawmakers use their platform to educate the public.


Many governments fail to have adequate laws that prioritize human trafficking and effectively stop modern slavery. We work to change this.


Legislators can raise inquiries to other government agencies and organizations which provide oversight and services.

Convenings & Events

We specialize in facilitating comprehensive discussions on human trafficking and providing strategic connections and networking opportunities for members through virtual and in-person convenings. We also host policy discussions in Washington, D.C. and other major cities with legislators, civil society organizations, lived experience experts and other stakeholders on various aspects of stopping human trafficking through policy solutions. By intertwining the issue of human trafficking with other timely concerns, we enhance the depth and relevance of our discussions, ensuring a lasting impact on both policy and public awareness.

Romanian Parliament: Rushan Abbas (Uyghur Autonomous Region), Anne Basham (USA), Dr. Ekaterina Kostioukhina (USA), MP Shqipe Selimi (Kosovo), MP Rozalia Biro (Romania), MP Lisa Yasko (Ukraine)

Topical Working Groups

Each Working Group is comprised of legislators, academics, attorneys, civil society organizations, business leaders, and lived experience experts who examine and strategically address a specific aspect of human trafficking with two primary goals:

  • Increasing Global Awareness: Each Working Group educates Parliamentarians and decision-makers on a subset problem and its scope, regional variances, and challenges, equipping them to act as resources for peer leaders in Parliaments, Congresses, Governments, and other governing bodies around the world.
  • Practical solutions, model legislation and policy: Each Working Group brings together ITHT members and key stakeholders (academics, attorneys, civil society organizations, business leaders, and lived experience experts) to collaborate on strategic regional and global policy solutions.

Campaigns & Advisement

We serve legislators who strive to prioritize anti-human trafficking legislation and policies in their respective global contexts by providing a multi-faceted approach that assists legislators in:

  • scoping legislative strategy
  • building parliamentary coalitions
  • creating public awareness programs and Op-Eds
  • and more…

We are also dedicated to launching larger sign-on campaigns to combat the pervasive issue of human trafficking and providing public awareness statements. We strive to mobilize communities, foster cross-sectoral partnerships, and galvanize public support.  For more information, please contact [email protected]

Freedom is only a dream for nearly 50 million people, but there is hope because laws are starting to change. A gift of just $25 a month enables us to reach more leaders with awareness and tools to enact lasting change.