Charles Sahr MP

Member of Parliament
Sierra Leone

Charles Sahr MP is a dedicated legislator from the Sierra Leone Parliament who is commitment to advancing human rights advocacy, youth activism, gender policy promulgation, and promoting good governance.

Mr. Sahr’s passion for human rights has driven him to take a prominent role in several vital parliamentary committees, including Gender and Children’s Affairs, Human Rights, Political Affairs, and Youth Affairs, where he has tirelessly championed the rights of vulnerable individuals and groups, leaving a significant impact on his nation’s policy landscape.

Beyond his remarkable national contributions, Mr. Sahr’s influence has extended globally through his collaborative work with esteemed parliamentary organizations such as the Parliamentary Intelligence Security Forum, Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, and Pan-African Parliamentary Network. His international engagements have been dedicated to addressing critical issues like combating human trafficking and other human rights violations worldwide.

With a vision to create a world where every individuals’ rights are protected and upheld, Mr. Sahr’s journey in advocating for positive change continues to inspire and make a meaningful difference in the lives of countless people, both within his home country and across the globe.

Melissa Yao
Nick Evans