Congresswoman Rosi Orozco

Former Federal Deputy and President of the Special Commission for the Fight Against Human Trafficking in the Legislature of the House of Representatives

Rosi Orozco works to recover and successfully reintegrate into society, victims of human trafficking who have suffered different forms of exploitation through sexual exploitation, forced labour, begging, humiliation, forced marriages and trafficking in organs. Rosi’s struggle and main purpose is to free those who are being abused, with specific reference to children. Since 1990 Rosi has been dedicated to promoting and defending Human Rights through several associations, particularly in the prevention and treatment in combating human trafficking, crime prevention, social development and strengthening families.

Over the years Rosi has interviewed over 170 victims herself and helped to empower and enable them to move forward in their lives. She represents the voices of these women to ensure their story is heard by society and the authorities. Many of the women, with their identity protected, had the opportunity and above all, the courage to speak in meetings with authorities, schools, forums, media, etc. both to demand justice and making young people aware, as well as raising social awareness of how seriously this crime affects the lives of its victims.

Previously Rosi acted as Federal Deputy and President of the Special Commission for the Fight Against Human Trafficking in the LXI Legislature of the House of Representatives. For the first time in Mexico there was a Commission for Human Trafficking. Rosi was the main driver of the Law Initiative to Prevent, Punish and Eradicate the Offenses on Trafficking in Persons and to Protect and Assist the Victims of these crimes. This initiative subsequently became law in Mexico.

Rosi has appeared in international media such as CNN and Newsweek, The Herald Magazine, The Washington Post, The Universal, Excelsior, etc. Rosi has received awards from various institutions and media. Some of these highlights include recognition by Newsweek Magazine, New York as one of the four most courageous women in Mexico and within the Top 150 worldwide, alongside figures such as Hillary Clinton, amongst others. Forbes magazine recognized as one of the fifty powerful women in Mexico (2013 and 2014).

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