Daniel Gilman

Daniel Gilman

Daniel Gilman serves as a Legislative Advisor for the Interparliamentary Taskforce on Human Trafficking, where he provides strategic guidance to legislators across the globe.

His expertise canters on helping politicians and leaders navigate their specific context in order to most effectively draft and enact legislation that combats human trafficking and strengthens the voice of victims and survivors.

In addition to his role in the Taskforce, Daniel is a PhD Candidate at the University of Cambridge in the Faculty of History. His research explores the impact of public speaking in the legislative campaign to end the slave trade.

Previously, Daniel worked in Canada’s Parliament as an assistant to Members of Parliament, where he helped MPs combat exploitation and sexual abuse. He assisted in founding Canada’s All-Party Parliamentary Group to End Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery and crafted legislative motions against exploitation that were successfully enacted.

Daniel also works alongside churches and charities, helping faith communities and organizations learn how to better respond to and prevent abuse. He and his wife Alexandra live in Cambridge, England, where they enjoy hosting students and visitors from around the world.

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