Simina Tulbure MP

Member of Parliament

Simina Tulbure is a Member of the Chamber of Deputies in the Romanian Parliament and Vice President of the Renew the European Project of Romania (REPER) party. She represents the Romanians living abroad in the Parliament, leading the Parliamentary Friendship Group with the UK, and she is a member of the committees dedicated to the Diaspora, educational and Romania’s OECD accession. She was awarded a BA in English Language and an MA in English Language and Literature by the University of Essex in the United Kingdom and, during her studies, she received multiple awards for her volunteering work and for promoting Romanian culture in the academic community.

Ms. Tulbure has a background at several European institutions such as Liaison Trainee at the European Parliament and as Administrative Assistant at the European Investment Bank. Recently, she was selected as a Fellow of the 2023 cohort of the Vital Voices Engage programme. In the Romanian Parliament, she passed legislation regarding the educational inclusion of pupils previously schooled abroad, Ethics and Education for European citizenship as mandatory learning modules, facilities for youth public participation, support for expanding the scope of the community centres for Romanians living abroad and support for seasonal workers.

She currently works on legislation dedicated to combating human trafficking. She is fluent in English and Spanish and intermediate in French and Portuguese.

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