Huge victory at the Inter-Parliamentary Union Assembly & Release of ITHT Orphanage Trafficking Toolkit

3October 27th, at the Inter-Parliamentary Union Convening in Angola, Senator Linda Reynolds of Australia, the legislative leader of the Interparliamentary Taskforce on Human Trafficking (ITHT) Working Group on Orphanage Trafficking, presented a groundbreaking resolution on orphanage trafficking to delegates from 179 nations, and it passed in the Assembly.

In anticipation of this monumental event, the ITHT Working Group on Orphanage Trafficking, reviewed the proposed IPU resolution and prepared a comprehensive Legislative Toolkit with the leading experts from around the world including an impactful video and informative briefing. To access these essential materials, follow this link:

This is a photo of the ITHT video being presented to delegates along with our 2-page briefing on the topic. You can watch the full video here:
Orphanage trafficking remains a critical global issue, and nearly one-third of all trafficking victims are children. It involves the recruitment or transfer of children into orphanages for the purpose of exploitation or profit. Tragically, many of these children have at least one living parent or close relatives, yet they are falsely portrayed as orphans. This heart-wrenching issue is closely linked to foreign aid, illicit international adoption rings, and voluntourism, where well-intentioned tourists seek international volunteer opportunities. The cycle of trauma perpetuates as volunteers form deep connections with these children, reinforcing the belief that those who care will eventually leave.

ITHT member Michel De Maegd MP of Belgium also spoke at the IPU on the importance of ethical intercountry adoption, and ITHT member Arsen Torosyan MP of Armenia emphasized the critical need to recognize and combat the global issue of orphanage trafficking at all levels.

Many dedicated members of the ITHT Working Group on Orphanage Trafficking have worked extensively on moving this effort forward. For a full list of those who participated in this monumental effort visit the website. We are very grateful for the sponsors of this project, doTERRA Healing Hands and The Foundation United, or this would not have been possible.

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