Agho Oliver Bamenju MP

Agho Oliver Bamenju MP

Member of Parliament

Hon. Agho Oliver Bamenju is a Member of Parliament in the Cameroon National Assembly. He is currently one of the youngest Members of Parliament and hails from Tubah Sub Division, Mezam Division in the North West Region. Two years after graduation from High School, Hon. Agho was appointed chairperson of a local polling center during the 2007 twin municipal/ legislative elections in Cameroon. The transparency with which he handled the elections in his polling center won public support. Since then, his distinct leadership qualities, coupled with his continuous standing for the rights and justice of the oppressed, won him several positions in his community.

Before entering into active politics, he was the first young man in the region to join The Mr. Bamenda Organization to denounce violence against women. He worked in the Bamenda Human Rights Film Festival team (20013-2015) and occupied several positions of leadership in his North West Region of origin in Cameroon. From 2011 to 2016, he was cumulatively the Regional Secretary General for the Citizen’s Association for Defense of Collective Interests, (ACDIC), and the Extension Officer in the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in charge of Rural Communities Development in the Tubah Municipality. In his capacity as ACDIC regional secretary general, he oversaw several actions such as the embezzlement of maize sector funds and the effects of imported frozen chicken on the local poultry farmers. From 2016 to 2020, when the government designed a rural community project to fight against the rural exodus by making the rural communities attractive to the youths and women through soccer (football), he was appointed the Regional Secretary General of FECAFOOT in the North West Region.

Hon. Agho continued to engage voluntarily in public service delivery in communities, and in 2020 during the twin municipal and legislative elections in Cameroon he was elected Member of Parliament representing the TUBAH/BAFUT constituency in the North West Region of Cameroon where he has been a veritable human rights advocate especially when it concerns child labor and child trafficking.

Hon. Agho holds a Master’s Degree in International Cultural Studies and a Certificate in Global Governance and Sustainable Development from Tohoku University in Japan.

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