Katarzyna Kretkowska MP

Katarzyna Kretkowska MP

Member of Parliament

Katarzyna Kretkowska is a Member of the Polish Parliament elected to represent the Poznań region in central-west Poland. In Parliament, she serves on the Public Finances Committee and the Education, Science and Youth Committee, and on a number of Parliamentary Groups, including the Immigration and Integration Policy Group which she chairs. She is particularly active in the areas of human rights, women’s issues, education and environmental policies.

Prior to her present Parliamentary term, Katarzyna Kretkowska was a City Councillor in Poznań for six terms, Deputy Mayor, and a leader of the Education Committee. Ms. Kretkowska has an MA degree in English Language, Literature and Linguistics from Poznań Adam Mickiewicz University, and her doctoral studies are from Edinburgh University and post-graduate studies in EU Finances, Law and Economy as well as Education Management.

She has been active on a number of NGO initiatives. She founded among others, a primary school in Poznań run by an association where she was President in the 1990s and a Youth Vocational Counselling Centre. She has also been the Director of the Women’s Information Centre in Poznań in the early 1990s set up as part of a project conducted together with the League of Women Voters in the U.S.

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